We design urban and architectural projects in the hand of a team of professionals in the area.

We have designed recognized projects at national and international levels due to its avant-garde and ambiental ideology.

We design:


  • Urban projects

  • Residential projects

  • Hotels

  • Shopping malls and industrial complexes

  • Educational and cultural centers

  • Sports and recreational scenarios

  • Coordination of technical designs


Real estate  parks

We construct according to our client needs, providing quality of live and harmony with environment. We have the best equipment and machinery for the construction. We have built about 250.000 square meter, both in traditional and industrialized systems.

We build:

  • Buildings and residential complexes

  • Shopping malls and educational centers

  • Administrative and institutional buildings

  • Hotels and recreational complexes

  • Warehouses and logistic centers

  • Medium and low voltage electrical networks

  • Industrial complexes

  • Housings (VIP and VIS)



For more than 20 years we have participated in the design and constructions of high impact works in the development of Barranquilla, we provide urban solutions and also we have participated in more than 150.000 square.

We build:

  • Roads and highways

  • Bridges and tunnels.

  • Public area and urban planning

  • Aqueduct and sewage systems

  • Tracks and platforms

  • Electrical networks

  • Service stations

  • Metalworking




We have specialized services in graphic development of real state projects, helping to the commercialization of our clients projects and ours. 

We offer:

  • Renders and illustrative images

  • Real state projects presentation

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Design of advertising pieces

  • Design of furnished plants

  • Interior design and finishes